Tips On How To Bathe Your Dog

Do you smell a stink whenever your dog walks around? If yes, a bath is likely due. Wet dog smell can be repelling, but most pet parents love how their canine fur babies smell after a warm water bath using a sweet-smelling shampoo.

How hard can it get to bathe a dog? It might be a more difficult task than you think. Your dog might not love taking a bath and may try to escape and postpone its grooming session. If you want to wash your pet dog, ensure you do it correctly. It would help if you worked your fingers through the layers of fur, reached all nooks and crannies, including tricky areas behind and around the ears, and be prepared that your canine may bolt.

Bath time gives you an excellent opportunity to examine your puppy’s coat. For instance, it is easy to spot fleas, ticks, and other parasites while brushing and cleaning their ears. Suppose you suspect something is wrong with your puppy; schedule a vet visit immediately.

Pet insurance helps provide your fur companion with the medical care it deserves during allergies, accidents, injuries, medical emergencies, and many more health situations. If you haven’t bought a policy, consider buying dog medical aid online to find popular pet insurers and plans.

Meanwhile, read this article to learn tips for washing your pet dog like a pro.

  1. Brush out Fido’s coat before starting the bathing ritual. This helps calm your pet pup before tub time. It is a brilliant tactic to implement on puppies that aren’t too fond of bathing. Plus, combing helps remove tangles, which you should do before getting your puppy wet.
  2. Help your dog get to the bathtub. Getting them there will be challenging, so offer them treats for a positive start. 
  3.  Use warm water to wet your dog, and check the temperature of the water by dipping your hand. 
  4. Pick a high-quality shampoo for Fido, particularly if it has skin issues. Some shampoos can dehydrate the coat and make it seem lusterless. Talk to your vet for advice on the right product for your pup. Shampoos are made for different purposes; some moisturize the coat, and others deal with ticks and fleas. A few others are made for only young puppies, and others are organic. So, read the labels carefully and choose a product that best suits your dog.
  5. Use a conditioner, leave it on the body for some time and then rinse. 
  6. Keep all things you need to be organized on a table before beginning the bathing routine. Shampoo, conditioner, towels, a washcloth, a brush, treats, and toys are some essentials you might not want to skip. After this, let your pet Fido hit the water in the sink or bathtub. Don’t leave your pup unattended at any point; a wet puppy being chased inside the house is the last thing you want to deal with.
  7. Check the water temperature before letting Fido in. Moderate temperature can be just right for a refreshing bath. Water shouldn’t be extremely hot or cold; otherwise, it can burn your pet or cause shivering.
  8. Use a damp cloth to wash that cute little face of Fido. Remember to clean the area around the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Suppose your dog has floppy ears, clean up the insides with the help of a dry cloth and dry them later to prevent ear infections.
  9. If Fido seems too anxious, consider giving it a brief massage to help relieve anxiety. Once your furry baby loosens up, you can bathe it. 

How to Wash a Canine’s Face 

Washing your dog’s face is more critical than washing your canine’s body. It’s the trickiest part as it’s susceptible. As you shampoo the dog’s face, be careful that the soap doesn’t enter the pup’s eyes, nose, or ears. After successfully washing your canine’s face, rinse a cloth and wipe it all over the dog’s face. Ensure all the soap is wiped off the dog’s face, or it may cause severe allergies and infection to your puppy. 

How to Bathe a Dog that Hates Water 

Although a few specific breeds, like golden retrievers, like bathing. Most dogs run away just hearing the sound of the bath faucet turning on. To overcome this, give your canine a positive experience while bathing. It’s advised if two of you are doing this job, as one can hold the dog while you clean your puppy. Also, start this bathing routine early with your dog, i.e., when they are puppies. 

Washing a dog can be easy, provided you pay attention to your puppy’s comfort and put considerable effort into making it like the bathing session. Timely baths are necessary to keep your fur companion happy and healthy. 

Still, many a time, sickness is unavoidable, which is why you must consider being prepared with dog medical aid. If you want to buy a policy, search insurance for pets online to find popular pet insurance in the market and eventually buy a policy that best suits your puppy’s health needs and budget.


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