The Predictable Causes of Truck Accidents in Ontario

Unfortunately, truck accidents are common mishaps occurring on roads due to varied reasons. Ontario commercial trucks are more often involved in road accidents that are quite worrisome for the vehicle owner and Ontario Provincial Police. 

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The prime causes leading to truck accidents:

  • Defects in the vehicle:
    • Truck drivers or the owners of it often neglect to maintain them rightly. To save money they fix secondhand parts in the vehicle instead of replacing original new parts. That has adverse effect on the safe driving of the truck. The most common defects found are faulty brakes, punctured tiers, axles that are fully damaged and detached wheels. Fatal accidents do happen because of bad functioning of the vehicle on the road.
  • Failing to do truck maintenance at a reliable service centre. 
    • It is a fact that reputable vehicle servicing centers are costly. Hence, truck owners prefer to do the maintenance of their trucks from unreliable sources. Many times, they neglect to do the servicing of the vehicle at the prefixed time. 

According to Ontario Highway Traffic Act all the heavy vehicles on road need to have three certified inspections in a year. It is mandatory to check the brakes, wheels, steering, lamps, all instruments, electric system and suspension hydraulic brake system. 

  • Neglect to pre-trip inspection often. 
    • This inspection helps to know the running condition of the truck. Any complications can be easily rectified, which ensures a safe drive on the road. 
  • Overloading the truck. 
    • It is one of the common causes as the truck isn’t able to move smoothly on narrow paths, bridges or able to turn with ease. 
  • Driving after drinking access alcohol beverages or usage of drugs. 
  • The carelessness of the drivers is one of the major issues that has resulted in hundreds of truck accidents. 
  • Not had adequate rest. 
  • The truck drivers are overworked as they need to supply essential goods on time. Hence, they drive without resting for a few hours. 
  • Not well trained to drive. 
  • Novice truck drivers aren’t skilled enough to drive perfectly on highways. 

The causes can be avoided if safety measures are used by every truck driver. 


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