The 5 Most Popular Cities in Florida to Move To

When you’re ready to move, why not pick an area you’d want to vacation in?  After all, living in paradise is so much better than just getting to see it a couple of weeks out of the year.

Whether you’re considering moving to Florida for work or for fun, these are the top cities most people consider!

Why Florida?

Florida is a one-of-a-kind state that’s equal parts fun and exciting cities and southern charm.  From the beautiful coasts to the marshes and huge amusement parks, the more time you spend here, the more likely you’ll be to start looking for Tampa apartments for rent.  Although this state may be expensive when compared to the others around it, it’s worth the price to enjoy a touch of paradise and fun.

Cape Coral

If you want the apartments for rent in davie fl vibrant and beautiful views of Florida without as much of the partying atmosphere, you’ll find it in Cape Coral.  Well known for its vibrant and friendly communities and over 400 miles of canals for boating, you’ll never run out of people to meet or things to do!  This city is turning 65 this year and has its eyes on a bright and fun future ahead.


One of the largest cities in Florida, Tampa is home to over 400,000 people and has one of the best nightlife you’ll find in the country!  From the incredible partying and fun to the fantastic business districts and artisan shops, there’s a piece of Tampa that anyone could love.  Different people developed different communities in Tampa when it was started, and you can still feel a lot of their influence as you travel through it.  There’s no place as awesome as Tampa.


At home on the Atlantic coast of Florida, Jacksonville is the most populated city in the state, with over 900,000 people who call this home.  Moving here is a dream of getting constant fantastic views, beautiful weather year-round, and awesome job opportunities and pay for anyone who wants it.  Turning 200 years old this year, Jacksonville has spent the last two centuries inviting people to enjoy a healthy balance of work and play and ensuring anyone can have a great quality of life while living here.


Miami is one of the most beloved cities in Florida.  Popularized because of the incredible partying scene but loved for the perfect weather and beach-city attitude, Miami has been one of the top-visited cities in Florida for over fifty years.  Known as the magic city for how much it can offer anyone who visits, this is an amazing place to live.


Just west of Tampa is one of the best places to get away and enjoy the clear water and sunny skies.  Known for its huge selection of vacation getaway entertainment, Clearwater is also a fantastic place to live!  Just make sure to get to know the locals and learn how to relax on your days off, and you’ll love living here too!

There’s Nothing Like Florida

Whether you’re here for the surf or the sun: you’ll fall in love with Florida.  No state can do it quite like this one, and it’s the perfect place to move.

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