The 10 Most Amazing Places to See in New England

The oldest parts of the United States often contain the most magic. One could say that those who don’t think that themselves, just simply haven’t spent enough time in New England.

If you’re planning your first trip to the region, take this list as your guide to some of the must-see places that both locals and travelers can’t get enough of.

Boston, MA

When it comes to rich history or sports teams to die for, everyone knows there’s nothing that beats Boston. With great transportation and an extremely walkable layout, it’s easy to see every inch of the city that has you curious – be it Fenway or the resting places of many famous American founders.

Providence, RI

Rhode Island is obviously a small state, but it makes up for it with the perfect mix of class and character. While the whole state is teeming with both characteristics, there is no better example than the capital – Providence.

This serves as the perfect choice for those looking to spend time away from the typical images of coast lines and deep forests. In the city’s borders, there’s many options for museums and theaters making it the perfect city getaway.

Mystic, CT

The Mystic Seaport Museum is the perfect way to understand the larger culture of Mystic but also an even better way to satiate any curiosity you might have ever had about nautical history.

Salem, MA

When Halloween comes around, this is the only place to be but it’s still a wonderful place to see year round. With plenty of tours, both those self-guided or with a group, there’s plenty of rich New England history to learn about no matter the time of year.

Stowe, VT

Some can’t decide between a quante small town community or that high energy ski trip. When in Stowe, you don’t have to choose either way. In addition to having both a wonderful historical downtown, there’s skiing to match it.

There’s also plenty of options for accommodations, whether you are in the mood for one of the many famous options for Vermont cabins or looking to spend your time in a high-end hotel.

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