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In this article, we will see the summary of ‘Golu Grows A Nose’. The fable ‘Golu Grows A Nose’ is about Golu, a newborn elephant with a large nose. Golu lived in an era when elephants lacked trunks. Furthermore, Golu was an inquisitive elephant with a lot of inquiries. Golu was particularly interested in learning about crocodiles and their dietary habits. Finally, Golu encounters a crocodile, who instructs him to approach the river. 

The crocodile then seizes the chance and grabs Golu by the nose. The crocodile then drags Golu in and attempts to devour him. A python tries to assist Golu in his escape from the crocodile. During the struggle, though, something remarkable occurs.

Golu’s nose grows incredibly long throughout this hard effort of tugging and pushing. Golu eventually realises the hazards of trusting strangers. He also learns about the advantages of having a long nose. This is a short summary of Golu Grows A Nose.

Synopsis of the Story

Elephants did not have trunks a long time ago. Instead of trunks, the elephant had bulging noses. Golu was a newborn elephant that was naturally inquisitive and had a lot of questions. Golu once inquired of an ostrich why it does not fly like other birds. He also inquired of his huge uncle, the hippopotamus, as to why his eyes were so red.

When Golu met a mynah, he inquired as to what a crocodile eats for dinner. Most notably, Golu had never encountered a crocodile. He’d never seen a crocodile before and had no idea what it ate. As a result, Golu became increasingly intrigued by the crocodile and its eating habits.

Due to mynah’s counsel, Golu decided to travel the huge Limpopo river in order to find the answer.

Golu came upon a python on his way to the river. So Golu asked python the same crocodile inquiry but received no response. The python, on the other hand, chose to quietly follow Golu. As we would discover later, this would prove to be a critical decision. Finally, Golu arrived at the river. When Golu arrived at the river, he observed a large log of wood. This log of wood turned out to be the crocodile.

The crocodile smiled at Golu and asked if he had ever seen a crocodile. The crocodile revealed that he was a crocodile, and he spilled crocodile tears to prove it. Golu was clearly frightened at this point. Despite his fear, Golu asked the crocodile what he had for dinner. The crocodile then decided to deceive Golu into reaching him. He gestured for Golu to come closer so he could whisper the answer.

As Golu approached, the crocodile grabbed him by the nose. Golu was then told by the crocodile that he’d be his food. The python arrived to assist Golu after witnessing this. The python wrapped itself around Golu and began to pull him. During the conflict, Golu’s nose grew larger.

Golu finally got away from the crocodile, but his nose grew to be five feet long. Golu waited for his nose to decrease for a long time. The python then reminded him of the advantages of having a long nose. Finally, Golu expressed gratitude to the wise python and returned home.


The summary of ‘Golu Grows A Nose’ informs us that curiosity, while good, can have fatal results. In the next article, we will discuss i want something in a cage pdf. This is also an interesting story.

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