Getting Started with Microsoft Excel

In this section you’ll figure out how to function with Excel 2007 in the Windows working framework. You’ll be acquainted with essential exercise manual ideas, including exploring through your worksheets and worksheet cells. This section likewise presents Stat Plus, an Excel add-in provided with this book and intended to extend Excel’s factual capacities.


This book doesn’t need earlier Excel 2007 experience, yet knowledge of fundamental elements of that program will lessen your beginning up time. This part gives a speedy outline of the provisions of Excel 2007. In case you are utilizing a prior form of Excel, you ought to allude to the text Data Analysis for Excel for Office XP. There are various renditions of Windows. This text accepts that you’ll be working with Windows Vista or Windows XP.

Introducing the StatPlus

Records the friend site at contains an establishment program that you can use to introduce StatPlus on your PC. Introduce your fi les now.

To run the establishment schedule:

1. On the buddy site click on the StatPlus connect under the Book Resources segment.

2 Download the ZIP document containing the StatPlus records to your hard drive.

3 Extract the ZIP fi le, which will contain an organizer called StatPlus.

4 Place the StatPlus organizer in the ideal area on your hard drive. Assuming you need, you might rename this organizer to an alternate name of your decision.

Dispatching Excel

At the point when Excel 2007 is introduced on your PC, the establishment program consequently embeds an easy route symbol to Excel 2007 in the Programs menu situated under the Windows Start button. You can click this symbol to dispatch Excel.

To begin Excel:

1 Click the Start button on the Windows Taskbar and afterward click All Programs.

2 Click Microsoft Office and afterward click Microsoft Office Excel 2007 as displayed.


On the off chance that you have unsaved work, Excel finds out if you need to save it prior to leaving. On the off chance that you click No, Excel closes and you lose your work. On the off chance that you click Yes, Excel opens the Save As exchange box and permits you to save your work. Whenever you have shut Excel, you are gotten back to the Windows work area or to another dynamic application.

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