Evil eye in life and how to deal with it?

we’re going to be talking about the evil eye, what is evil eye meaning? what do the different

colors stand for? where did it originate from we’re going to be talking all about it.

I do have with my evil eye, my ring,bracelet and my necklace and i also brought my little painting

from my wall. we’re gonna put it on my desk to get into the spirit.

so let’s talk a little bit about the evil eye so where did the evil eye originate from what are its or what are its origins it actually goes really far back into history i read it goes back as far as 3000 bc

so that’s pretty crazy so this has been around for for a long time it’s part of ancient culture the evil eye pretty much. 

what it stands for is that when somebody looks at you and they’re jealous and they’re giving envy towards you and they’re giving you that evil eye like,you know what i mean. I’m sure a lot of you know what i mean because a lot of people do this actually and you might catch yourself doing it without even knowing but when somebody gives you the evil eye and they’re looking at you out

of jealousy especially it’s the evil eye being casted on you like an evil spell and just like bad energy negative energy going towards you and whoever that person is looking at it’s leaving that person with all this negative energy. 

It’s leaving them with misfortune so that person is looking at that person and sending them all the bad vibes and this person now is going to feel the effects of all those negative vibes and evil eye energy. It’s gonna feel that and they’re gonna maybe not have a good day or not have a good week just feel all that jealousy from that person so back then to avoid getting that bad feelings from somebody giving you the evil eye.

people started wearing amulets of the evil eye amulets or jewelry which evil eye symbol incorporated on their jewelry, because it’s believed that if you are to wear jewelry or an amulet or whatever it is with the evil eye incorporated into it whoever is sending you those evil eyes it’s going to reflect off of your jewelry and off of your energy and reflect right back to that person that is giving it.More about evil eye jewelry,visit here

so that is just a cool little thing like origin that’s pretty much all about it, but i’m going to tell you guys more information it goes way back into the bc times so a lot of the evil eye was actually found in greece and roman, it was even talked about in shakespeare’s in shakespeare plays famous literary works from the bible. It’s been mentioned in the quran just in, so many different cultures all around the world all throughout different time periods so it’s been around for a very

long time so before we could ever like you know how bad luck is kind of like a mystery like why do we get bad luck why do we have bad days evil eyes being actually a very common answer to the

question of bad luck people would just assume.

They needed this jewelry to help with that you know what i mean so this was a very common answer back then for many different cultures so that’s this is so cool, this used to be known as this is why bad things happen to people so that’s pretty much what it is so in greek the evil eye is actually known as this word.

Many people around the world believe this to be more than just a saying, people can knowingly wish negative thoughts on you but the power of the eye that some people unknowingly and innocently cast the curse on others like i was saying earlier, some people may not even know that they’re doing this to others, it’s bad to me it’s all about energy as well it’s just about your

Thoughts. It’s affecting our thoughts and our words and our looks, we’re so powerful that we can really be causing this jealousy envy kind of thing to those people so it’s just like that and it just protects you, so i think that’s absolutely beautiful.

let’s talk about the different colors because there’s multiple different colored evil eyes so the main one that almost everybody sees is the navy blue eyeball, this one stands for karma and fate protection,common relaxation and open flow of communication, so that is what the dark blue one is mainly about now the light blue one is general protection it helps broaden your perspective and it promotes and it promotes solitude and peace so that’s the light blue eyeball but evil eye it’s gonna garner happiness but balance in your life and it gives you the freedom to pursue new ideas so creativity things like that so that’s the green evil eye the orange evil eye also is about happiness and protection.

The third evil eye has to do with the third eye chakra so it’s just crazy how, it kind of correlates the next one we’re gonna talk about is the yellow evil eye yellow or gold whatever you’d like it

protects your health gives you relief from exhaustion, gives you a sharper mind and concentration, the gray evil eyes can help protect from sorrow it’s going to give you more openness to new situations and when you wear the gray one it’s going to help intensify the other.

If you’re wearing a purple evil eye with a gray evil eye the gray evil eye is going to help intensify

the purple evil eyes powers now the light green evil eye is going to help you with success with your now the light green evil eye is going to really help promote success with your life dreams it’s going to give you enjoyment and commitment and it promotes good health the white evil eye is very symbolic of purity and focus clear clutter and obstacles and it’s going to promote a start fresh like you’re going to have a fresh start the pink evil eye which is super cute is it’s gonna

actually help you protect your friendships it’s gonna give you a very calming feeling give you a feeling of contentness and relaxation that is pretty much everything i know about the evil eye and i hope you guys enjoyed this maybe it inspired you to go get some evil eye jewelry if you would like and maybe you guys just know more about some culture.

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