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A T-part wig is one of the modern wigs existing in the market. It consists of a  13 inches lace to cover the head from one ear to another ear and a depth lace of 6 inches. Both the laces make T shape together because of which this wig is known as T part Wig. An adjustable strap attached to the wig helps adjust the wig according to the circumference of the head and forehead. Well, it’s all about the material a wig is consisted of. However, proper installation and use of a T part wig are difficult. You’re here to understand all about lace part wigs and I’ve come up with this write-up to explain everything about T lace wigs. 

How to install a T- part Wig? 

Installing a T part wig on the head is quite a sensible task because some parts of this wig are machine-made. Because of machine work, this T part wig is affordable for those who want to spend fewer coins on buying lace wigs for them. To make a wig look natural, fitting 13″, 6″ lace perfectly is not an easy task because of less lace in the front side of the head. For your ease, all the steps are mentioned here, 

Step 1.

Firstly, you have to put the wig and place it around your head. Place the ear tabs perfectly on the head to make head and ear tabs fit each other. It is essential to put the elastic band portion appropriately. 

Step 2. 

As the lace is made in such a way that it can be adjusted by the person, an excessive part of the lace should be cut off. 

Step 3.

Applying wig glue is necessary to place the wig in the best way; therefore, applying foundation can help. Foundation should be used either underneath the perimeter of the wig or on the surface of your hair. 

Step 4.

If the hairline of the wig is not plucked in a good way, pluck the hairline. For this purpose, you can use a squeezer to make a clear space between the baby hair and the rest of the hair existing in the wig. 

Step 5.

Laying the baby hair is necessary to make the wig look natural, therefore lay your baby hair and enjoy a good look. Some women do not like laying baby hair at all; however, baby hair looks more enchanting as well as a part of a trend when the wig is applied. 

Step 6.

Use powder to make a smoother transition from your face. In this way, applying powder along the perimeters will make everything look scalp. Moreover, all the things will look even more plucked. 

Step 7.

After applying powder, apply some gel on the tie front part of your hair and flat the parting and line of hair using a hot comb. The purpose of doing this is to make hair look natural as well as flat. Also doing so shows that hair is growing from the scalps and not artificial. The gel makes hair look flat and smooth in a much more natural way. 

All the above-mentioned steps should be followed systematically because buying a wig is easy but installation is what matters. Furthermore, you can do more for slaying your wig according to your look and lifestyle. 

Pros and Cons of Slaying a  HD T-part wig

As a wig lover, I’ve applied several wigs among which a lace part wig is included. Experiencing T part wigs, I can mention the pros and cons of slaying this wig. 


Here are the pros of applying lace part wig: 

The natural look of the wig

The first and foremost advantage of installing this wig is that it looks supernatural. Unlike other wigs that look more artificial, this wig contains. This type of wig is cheap, this does not necessarily mean that the wig has not of good quality. As the hair used in the production of the wig are a virgin, therefore it looks like a person is having natural hair. The quality of hair is good and natural; that is why you can dye, wash and comb your wig just like you do all to the natural hair. 

The convenience it provides to its users

Wig style is readymade which means that the hair used in a wig is pre-styled as well as dyed. In this way, convenience comes with buying this wig. You can simply wear this wig out of the box after cutting the extra lace edges of the wig.  Combing wigs used to be not much easy, but you can comb your wig most comfortably. 

Good quality in less  price

The most important advantage of the T part wig is that it is Wallet-friendly. Because the wig is not hand-sewn, machine-made work demands less cost. Most people would say that cheap things possess cheap quality but here is the opposite scenario. You can buy this wig according to your pocket in the most affordable ranges.


Here is couple of disadvantages of  using a lace wig: 

Least breathability 

4/5 part of this wig is made up by machine instead of handwoven that is why HD T-part wig cap is worst in case of breathability. It does not allow easy passage of air inside the wig and ultimately the scalps of hair because of which using this wig in Summers is quite a hard job especially when your skin sweats more than normal. 

Less variety 

T shape lace makes the wig and no other shape can be used to make the wig. In this way, less versatility is present in this type of wig. The part of the wig can’t be changed and it is a disadvantage that it does not allow any change in shape. 


From buying a wig to installing it in the right way to knowing the pros and cons of it, you are a well-informed individual now. Consider each factor and decide whether to go for purchasing this wig or not. Honest experience is shared with you in detail. I recommend you buying from SVT Hair because their products are super amazing. The choice is all yours now! 

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