3 Ways stickers can elevate your brand awareness

You have probably heard of or visited the online platform Reddit before, right?  Did you know that its founders have only ever spent $500 on marketing? Guess what they spent it on? Stickers! 

That was in 2005. Reddit currently has an estimated worth of $3 billion. A wild story, isn’t it? Who would have thought that stickers can help you grow a business? 

We are here to share even more tips on how sticker printing can help you boost your brand awareness and reach new customers. Are you ready to do it like Reddit? Then read on. 

  1. Logo stickers support your branding 

If you have just founded your business or have a tight budget, product branding might not be at the forefront of your mind. It can seem intimidating and expensive. After all, how will we ever catch up with those big brands? 

Stickers are the perfect way to jumpstart your branding and play like the big guys. Think of every interaction your customers have with your product. Every box, bag, or envelope they have to open. Each of these is a chance for you to create a brand interaction. 

Logo stickers are great visual shortcuts that can symbolize everything your brand stands for. Every product you offer should be branded with a custom logo sticker to generate familiarity and recognizability. This way, your customers will remember your business. 

  1. Add them to every purchase 

There are many ways you can put your logo stickers to good use. One of our favorite, and most effective, tips is to add them to every purchase or order. 

When you order your stickers in bulk, they are a very low-cost and, by extension, low-risk marketing tool. Often, a single sticker will only cost you a few cents. This makes them the perfect free goodie to gift to your customers. 

When we receive a free sticker, we lower our defense. Whereas other promotional goods tend to be discarded as advertising, stickers are perceived as gifts. This not only evokes all the positive emotions of gift-giving, but increases the likelihood of repeat purchases and positive word-of-mouth advertising. 

  1. Exponential growth with brand ambassadors

And this seamlessly leads us to our final tip: brand ambassadors. This is a very recent marketing trend that is here to stay. Cooperation, paid user-generated content and partnerships are all over social media. 

But do not forget that stickers are the original social media. They are portable, colorful, and intrinsically sharable. Make use of that. Do not just add stickers to every purchase, but hand them out wherever you go. 

Through the positive emotions we feel when we receive a free sticker, we are more likely to use them. Think about your logo or slogan used as a phone or laptop sticker for the world to see. All it takes is a few customers to increase your brand visibility exponentially!

Are you itching to get started? We hope so. Make 2022 the year your business goals come true. If you have any questions or more tips you want to share, please leave us a comment below. 

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