What Information Should You Give And Not Give To The Insurance Company

After you get involved in a road car accident, you will probably need to deal with the insurance company. Insurance companies use tactics to slow down the settlement process and lower the offer as much as possible. It is crucial that you understand which statements can make or break your case with the insurance company. 

There is a thin line between which information you should and should not share with the insurance company. Many people make the mistake of saying the wrong things, which results in them getting a lower settlement or no amount at all. Hiring an accidnet lawyer in Conyers GA can help you avoid such mistakes. 

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Which information should you give to the insurance company?

The information you provide about yourself and the accident should be completely basic. Do not go into details, no matter how much they pester you. Another important thing to note is not agreeing to give a recorded statement. Many insurance companies take your permission to record your statements before questioning you. However, you have the right to refuse. 

Whether you are dealing with your or the other party’s insurance adjuster, you have to be cautious in both situations. Information that is safe to share include: 

  • Basic information about the accident. 

While explaining the accident, you may share the location, time, your obvious injuries, and some other damages you sustained. However, remember not to disclose any information about your injuries until you have not done a medical inspection. There are chances the insurer may ask for more information. In that case, ask them to speak to your attorney. 

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  • Digital evidence. 

If the insurance company asks for digital evidence, you may share the photographs and video footage of the accident and your injuries.

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  • Medical reports. 

You may have gone to the doctor after your accident and documented your injuries. When the insurance company asks for your damages, you may give them access to your medical documents stating your injuries as well as the report of medical expenses. 

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What information should you not give to the insurance company?

When speaking to the insurance company, there are certain things that you must not share, even if you think that is the truth. 

  1. You must not admit your fault without proper investigation of the case. 
  2. Do not answer by guessing. Do not guess about whose fault it was or how many injuries you have. 
  3. Directly answer the insurer’s question and do not offer voluntary answers. 

Having an attorney by your side at every step after a car accident can be beneficial to protect your rights. An attorney has the experience and the skills to obtain the compensation accident victims deserve. 

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