7 Safety Tips to Walk Your Puppy on The City Roads

Taking out Rover for a walk in the city streets involves plenty of risks. So, it only makes sense for puppy owners to exercise care and caution during outdoor strolls. 

If you live in an urban area and want to take your pet pooch out for a walk, make sure it is enjoyable and safe. At the same time, consider being prepared with the best pup insurance so that handling unanticipated health expenses is much easier. 

Insurance for pets dogs covers a little pupper’s testing, treatment, and medications during accidental injuries while on the road and elsewhere, as well as particular illnesses, and medical emergencies. Contemplate purchasing a policy so getting medical assistance during distressing health situations need not be financially burdening.

In the meantime, read this article to learn basic outdoor etiquette your canine must know before heading out in big cities. 

  1. Before stepping out of your high rise or house, contemplate where you want to take your poochie. It is advisable to take your pup if it is allowed inside the premises; leaving it tied to a pole or a tree outside isn’t a great idea in terms of health and safety. Now, you don’t want your furry baby to be a victim of pet napping, injury, heatstroke, and many more worse things, do you? Sometimes, there is also a chance of breaking free and escaping. 
  2. If the elevator is where the walk commences and ends, ensure your canine pal is well-behaved and quietly sits in the ride. Some people get anxious around fur babies, so even when your pup is friendly, they may think otherwise and panic. It is advisable to learn the rules regarding elevator use if you do like in an apartment block as some properties require pet owners to use freight elevators or back exits when accompanied by a dog.
  3. Let your pup walk towards your left and ahead of you so it can spot any goodies dropped by people on the ground before another fur baby does. This allows your furry friend to sniff, watch people, and explore the place, causing little trouble to itself and others.
  4. Your fur companion should be on a leash during the walk, so it is easy to pull it back on bolting all of a sudden. Simple distractions like an abrupt loud noise, a skateboarder, or a cyclist can drive your pet into a frenzy mode, so being on a leash is a must. Many cities even specify the leash quality and length (often 6 feet or less) that needs to be used on public sidewalks.
  5. Avoid using retractable leashes while in busy areas; they are effective for training and not for regular walking. It is easy to lose track of a pup that has moved many feet ahead of you. In a case like this, you may not know even if your pet lunges at something or somebody and in the worst case, you may lose the lead entirely. So, losing control is easy with a retractable. 
  6. Seeing a group of unfamiliar people approaching is just enough to get your puppy to squat and poop. Should it happen, take out a poop bag and clean up after your doggo. Find the nearest garbage can and discard the bag to end it on a clean note. Also, make sure your doggo doesn’t pee on someone else’s flower beds or trees because they would have spent enough time cultivating the greens, and it is not morally and socially right as well.
  7. Teach basic commands like “Sit”, “Stay”, “Drop it”, “Heel”, and “Come” so your pet responds positively in outdoor situations. Behavioral training and desensitization programs also help your furry baby adjust to outdoor urban situations. 

Simultaneously consider being equipped with insurance for pets dogs so getting medical help during non-routine vet visits is economically less overwhelming. The best pup insurance covers a canine’s health comprehensively, which is why you should contemplate purchasing a policy.

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